The A-List

Ok, folks, I'm back. It's hard to believe. I mean it's hard to believe the season is getting ready to start because that begs the question: what happened to summer?

I'm not too upset about diving headfirst into our first show because it happens to be Shakespeare's Twelfe Night (no, I didn't spell that wrong, we are using the folio spelling of "Twelfth"). David Esbjornson is directing and a whole load of local actors are currently downstairs rehearsing: Charles Legget, David Pichette, Nick Garrison, MJ Sieber, Mari Nelson, Brad Farwell.

We had our meet and greet (the time for the company to hear about the design concepts of the show and the time for me to take notes to report back to you), and I learned the following:

1. There may be flying. Like humans, airborne, possibly scantily clad.
2. At least one costume was inspired by Marilyn Manson.
3. The set will have some really cool twisty metal.
4. But before you go thinking this is some sort of goth redition, know the major design inspiration was Maxfield Parish.
5. So in a nutshell, don't expect traditional Shakespeare, but do expect a comedy with a dark side.

This season's is going to be great, and you can look forward to this from me: witty blogs (of course), behind-the-scenes YouTube videos, possibly pictures of sparkly gowns (Twelfe Night opening is black tie), alcohol consumption (of course), and hopefully some guest bloggers. I'll be asking some the amazing actors and artists we have lined up to grace the stage. Tina Landau for one, Steven Dietz, Robert Schenkkan, Suzanne Bouchard, Mark Anders and—just announced and terribly exciting—the hilarious Sarah Rudinoff will be in Murderers

This blog is starting to sound like US Weekly or something. I better go roam the halls and pray for someone in a scandalous state of deshabillé.