A little early Halloween shopping?

From Joanna, Communications Manager

It's definitely summer around here. No less busy in the communications world, but fewer blog- worthy items (and, OK, our intern Kiki is gone and the blog just isn't the same without her).

I did want to make sure you know about our upcoming costume sale, though. It's Saturday, June 6, from 10 am-4 pm here on the Bagley Wright stage. I went down to check out some of the costumes, and there are some amazing pieces that are reasonably priced. I was eying an amazing Rapunzel wig for $20.

Other things I saw: Oberon's cape from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Queen Elizabeth's gown from Beard of Avon, and couple of cool before and after costumes--Napoleon's fancy suit and the duplicate torn up after he's been shot.

Lots of different sizes, and we'll take credit cards, cash or check, with all proceeds benefiting the theatre.

We've only had one other sale in Seattle Rep history, and that was in 1974. So who knows when the next might be?

More info here.

Carrie's going to Broadway

From Joanna, Communications Manager

The producers of Wishful Drinking just announced Carrie Fisher will be taking her show to Broadway come September (it'll play at the Roundabout). Seems like Seattle's becoming quite the testing ground for the Great White Way. We must have good taste or something...

You can still catch the show here at the Rep through May 9. Insider's tip: If you want Carrie to chat you up and douse you with glitter, sit in the first three rows.