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As promised...

Murdering, Cooking, Blue Hats

From Joanna Horowitz, Communications Associate

This is going to have to be fast because it is crazy in my world. So, in brief:

Murderers is awesome and tickets are going faster than a downhill golf cart (what? is that cheesy?). It plays until Nov. 4, so get on it. In two seconds I am going to post a video spoofing Sarah Rudinoff's character Minka Lupino, a murdering condo saleswoman.

Had a meet and greet for Birdie Blue today and met the director, Chuck Smith who's in residency here but lives in Chicago and works at the renouned Goodman Theatre. In addition to hearing the design concept (a set that will really play up on the imagination-sparking elements of the play and awesome costumes that will ground things in reality), we also got introduced to Chuck's blue fisherman's cap, which he wears when he's working. "If you see me without this hat," he said, "I'm not working."

It's going to start smelling really good around here because we're about to go into previews for The Cook which features, among other things, some delicious Cuban food prepared on stage. Word on the street is you might smell garlic chicken and a lot of citrus wafting from the stage. Personally, I am going to hit up Paseo in Fremont before seeing the show to avoid awkward stomach grumbling.

OK, must go. Be back in a second with that video.

You're killing me!

From Joanna Horowitz, Communications Associate

Saw Murderers last night. There were a lot of things I loved about the show. Sarah Rudinoff for one (who has been blogging for us). Her comic timing is brilliant. I guess she wasn't a Stranger Genius for nothing. I've convinced her to star in a little film we're making on Friday, so keep an eye out here for that. Also awesome about the show? The funniest "turn your cellphones speech off" I think I've ever heard. I won't ruin the joke, but hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Speaking of clever, sometimes we do things in the Communications department for our own weird enjoyment. We did end up using these pictures for for the cover of our student theatre zine OffBook, but mostly we sat in the office chuckling morbidly. Here are my favorites. The rest are here.

20 Buck Chuck


If you can't read the fine print, starting tomorrow you can buy $20 tickets to any performance in any seat for the extension week of Twelfe Night, in honor of Live Theatre Week. Go to or call the box office at 206-443-2222 for tickets.

Not that I should have to sell you on cheap tickets, but this show is awesome. Shameless lack of modesty:

The critics say:

"Where they strut and gambol, one is happy to follow… David Esbjornson gives this many-faceted comedy a postmodern look, a fine verbal cogency and rigor. " Seattle Times

"...hilarity dances across the stage...fantastic performances."

The audience says:

"It was fantastic... Loved this version of it."

"Magnificent, you must see it."

"The funniest Shakespeare play we've ever seen."

New things are exciting

From Joanna Horowitz, Communications Associate

For one, don't freak out. The blog looks different, but it's all the same, you know, in its heart. We're trying out a new look that looks more like the Seattle Rep homepage. Thoughts?

For two, we just made our first "behind-the-scenes" video. I'd like to share it with you now.