A mountain out of, well, nothing

As promised, the ridiculously cool time lapse video of the The Cure at Troy 16-foot mountain being built in the scene shop and moved onstage. The set was designed by Blythe Quinlan, it took about three weeks to build, and you can see it live and in person (with hot bare-chested men crawling on it in real mud) April 3-May 3. I think that's all you need to know.

Things of note

There is a sign on the scene shop door that says "Do Not Enter. Foaming." They are spraying foam on a giant volcano, which is the major set piece for The Cure at troy. When I say giant I mean giant. This thing is enormous and covered with rocks and mud. Coming soon: a time lapse video of it being built.

The inside scoop from the rehearsal room is that the show is an action packed hour and a half. The inside scoop from the bare chested photo shoot is that the men in the cast are sexy. I am going to see if I can get my hands on one of those photos to prove it to you.

Other news of note: The How? How? Why? Why? Why? specialty cocktail is a delicious Salty Dog and the admin offices got a new microwave. You may think that's not exciting, but I'm here to tell you it really is.

Next season, plus some accordion!

Well. I apologize. This blog has been taking a big of a nap. Things got crazy around here as we started launching into our renewal campaign—with some awesome plays under consideration including a comedy about the apocalypse, one of my favorite comedies of all time You Can't Take it With You and a fun, fast and family friendly version of Three Musketeers (the U.S premiere!). Read all the titles here.

I've been scheming plans to make this blog better next season. For one, more artists (actors, directors, playwrights) writing. I know you love me, but I want to get you inside the rehearsal process. But until we get there, an update on what's new. Such as...

How? How? Why? Why? Why?
Kevin Kling's new show. It is amazing. We do audience surveys on every show, and the responses have been overwhelming. I would say 99% say they would recommend the show. We're getting comments like:

"Funny, touching, poignant and rates as one of the best plays I have ever attended."


"I have recommended this play to every single friend and close acquaintance I've spoken with in the last week. I told them how masterfully the story was interwoven with the music, and that it was easily one of the best plays I've ever seen."

Here are two videos, filmed during our hot dog roast in the scene shop to kick off the rehearsal process. In the first Simone Perrin, who plays accordion and sings in the show, does an awesome, awesome cover of Hank Williams' "Long Gone Lonesome Blues." In the second Kevin talks about what the title of the play means.