Spitting, yoga and other mysteries of Troy revealed

You must must must read this interview from Ruby A. of Teen Tix. Teen Tix is a program that provides $5 theatre, art, etc. tickets teens. They also run a young critics program, and one of their young critics interviewed the three The Cure at Troy chorus members. Its is hilarious and charming.

Jon, Guy, and Ben have one very important thing in common: their first names are made of three letters, and that is an amazing feat in and of itself. But more importantly, depending on who you talk to, they also star as Chorus members in the play The Cure at Troy. The following is an interview with the three-lettered phenoms and all the magic, at Troy.

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So...What did you think?

We went down to the lobby last night and asked people what they thought of The Cure at Troy. I'm not lying when I say that all the comments were really positive: I didn't edit any negative things out. And they came from both men and women from high school age on up, which is surprising considering this is a totally unique and different show with crazy singing, a giant mountain for a set and bare-chested men bathing in an on-stage mud pool...all adaptated from a Greek myth.


More info on the show, as always, at www.seattlerep.org

A force of nature

Last night was the official opening of The Cure at Troy. Amidst baklava and ouzo cocktails there was a lot of talk about the show. Clearly that's usually what happens at an opening night party, but this play seems to be causing much more conversation. It's a piece that some people are loving fiercely, calling the best piece of theatre they've ever seen. Other people aren't sure what to make of it. The show, after all, turns a Greek myth on its head.

These seem to be universal truths, though: Boris McGiver, playing Philoctetes, gives one of the most raw, gut-wrenching performances you'll ever see; the lighting design is out of this world, from the breaking of dawn at the beginning to the rock show ending; the set is epic and rooted in the story of the play—not just huge or novel for the sake of being huge or novel; and director Tina Landau has made some big, bold choices. It's a force to be reckoned with.

So. Thus ends our season. With a bang.

More info about Troy here.