Bench Press

Things have been slow in blogland. It's sort of like summer break around here except instead of drinking mai tais we're all still working, albeit at a more relaxed pace. Since the season has been winding down, our shop has been involved in a little extra project building this bench.

We built it because, well, the Seattle Center asked us. They asked all of the campus tenants to design and build benches. They gave us dimensions, but every bench will look completely different and be made of a different material. Ours happens to be metal. No word if it'll be a permanent fixture or just a summer thing, and we don't know where it's going on the campus grounds, but keep an eye out.

We dragged it out in front of the theater for a goofy photo shoot yesterday. You can see it's "interactivity." Who doesn't love sticking their faces in things?

Points for anyone who knows what play this season inspired this photo shoot.

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Anonymous said...

Great design! Let's us all act a part at the Rep.