A force of nature

Last night was the official opening of The Cure at Troy. Amidst baklava and ouzo cocktails there was a lot of talk about the show. Clearly that's usually what happens at an opening night party, but this play seems to be causing much more conversation. It's a piece that some people are loving fiercely, calling the best piece of theatre they've ever seen. Other people aren't sure what to make of it. The show, after all, turns a Greek myth on its head.

These seem to be universal truths, though: Boris McGiver, playing Philoctetes, gives one of the most raw, gut-wrenching performances you'll ever see; the lighting design is out of this world, from the breaking of dawn at the beginning to the rock show ending; the set is epic and rooted in the story of the play—not just huge or novel for the sake of being huge or novel; and director Tina Landau has made some big, bold choices. It's a force to be reckoned with.

So. Thus ends our season. With a bang.

More info about Troy here.

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