from the NY Fringe

Renata Friedman and I have brought our production of The K of D by Laura Schellhardt to the NY Fringe this year. We got the whole team from Seattle with us: Robert Aguilar (lights), Matt Starritt (sound), Cheyenne Casebier (costumes), Becca Leshin (assistant producer), Amy Poisson (stage manager), Jeremy Katich (set wrangler, skateboard roller, and official camp cook). After a 3 hour tech (which included a run, load-in and load out), we're all curious to see the results of our slap-dash efforts. Curtain time is 10PM, so we're all drinking coffee. We'll have 15 min to set up our dock and 15min to break it down at the end. Renata and I just went over some notes in the apartment and reviewed the new blocking. Our run of the show a couple weeks ago in Port Townsend was in a lovely, intimate black box (thank you PT!!). Now we're in an equally lovely 3/4--The Cherry Pit. So some staging adjustments have to be made. Under normal circumstances we'd have at least a couple days of tech rehearsal to make these changes, but this is the fringe, and fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants is part of the fun.

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