Hitchcock Double Features All Weekend at SIFF!

We’re taking a moment today to address a common problem we’ve noted among audiences for The 39 Steps– namely, that seeing the play has whet viewers appetites for more Hitchcockian goodness.

Our first recommendation is to see the show again, but we’ll cop to a bit of bias there.

For those of you who just can’t get enough, may we suggest the Hitchcock film festival this weekend at SIFF? You can see the original film version of The 39 Steps along with five other classics from the Master of Suspense the way they were meant to be seen - on a big screen, accompanied by a theater full of people on the edge of their seats. And every show is a double feature, which means you get to check out two films for the price of one!

For more info and to get tickets, check out the SIFF website here.

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