John Denver Sing-a-Long

Last Friday our Education Associate Jess and I went downtown to see if shoppers at Westlake Center 1. Like John Denver and 2. Would sing his songs for us on camera (because, you know, we're opening Back Home Again: A John Denver Holiday Concert tonight. The results? Seattle likes John Denver AND they like to sing (you can be the judge of whether or not they can sing).

By the way, we got a sneak peek of the music (performed by former members of John's band, including Dan Wheetman who co-wrote Fire on the Mountain, which we did last season). It was awesome. I didn't even think I liked John Denver, and surprise! It almost brought me to tears. Take me home, country roads.

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Anonymous said...

Great show! Love John Denver! Wish there was less Gail singing and more of the guys. You go wanting to hear John's sound, not a choir sound. She is very talented that is for sure but not what we wanted to hear at a concert celebrating John Denver. Wrong vibe for the show and we felt a little cheated considering the tickets were $65 each.