Completely Non-Partisan. (To a point)

From Kiki, Audience Development Intern

For those of you who are deaf, blind, and dead I have breaking news for you: it's election season.

You may not believe me, but there are some people out there amidst the barrage of commercials, slogans, yard signs, and lipstick tubes flying in the air that don't know who the candidates are or why November 4th is a great day to try your first Valium. Worse yet, these people may not even be registered to vote.

To help "play a part" this election season, The Rep has set up its very own makeshift voter registration booth. While the effort is small, our glittery, patriotic table toppers are quite large (see right for some such pizazz). Most of the people that have strolled by on their way to previews of The Night Watcher have saluted our efforts...right before they ask where the bathroom is. But we're excited to be mixing it up and trying to affect our patrons in a larger way. I should also note that our efforts are strictly non-partisan. And by that I mean that we will mail in every single sheet that is filled out by a Democrat.

I'm only kidding. (Again, to a point)

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Amil Khan said...

This writer is absolutely GENIUS! Can I request her to be my surrogate...inappropriate? Bad timing? Quit writing? OK... shutting up.

Anyway...get this girl a book deal ASAP!!!