10,984 steps

From Verhanika, Production Management Intern

I have run up and down stairs more this last week that ever in my life. I recently started wearing a pedometer to see actually how many steps I take in a day to run various errands for various departments.

From the perspective of a production management intern, tech (i.e. technical rehearsal) is one of the most exhilarating times of the play-creation process. This is when all of the energy from my land of Production Management—arranging contracts, taking production meeting notes, facilitating the Assistant Production Manager and Production Manager's needs—comes together. We all hope the cosmic forces align and tech goes off without a hitch, but a few bumps are always expected—and necessary—for the learning process.

Before tech started, Diane (the Assistant Production Manager) and I had a conversation about what to expect, what is expected of me and how I should split my attention. She told me that if I have the choice of sitting in Night Watcher tech or Three Musketeers, to always always always pick Three Musketeers. It's just such a bigger production, and she said I would learn more.

She couldn't have been more right. Did she send me there with the intention of learning about theatre? People? People in theatre? Yes, yes, yes.

Three Musketeers has 22 fight scenes in it and a huge number of scenic elements that fly in and out and travel on tracks. Because of the number of things that have to be rehearsed, everyone in the building wants to ensure the safety of the cast and crew in this show. As a result, all the interns are learning a great deal: from how to determine if or when you should or should not offer help, to when to let your particular supervisor have some personal time on their laptop, to what outfit is more appropriate for what tech day (a 10-hour day: yoga pants and T-shirts, first day back after a break, jeans and professional looking tops).

We've also learned that we have a very good-natured, patient cast. If they were any less jovial and fun-loving, tech rehearsals could have been a chore rather than an adventure.

We're not done yet—we're in previews all this week, fine tuning and preparing for the official opening night on Friday. I am sure the learning and walking will continue at a fervent pace- I logged 10,984 steps yesterday, approximately 4 1/2 miles.

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