Dancing With the Stars

From Kiki, Audience Development Intern

I have yet to understand the appeal of ABC's Dancing with the Stars. I mean, I gave it a fair chance. I watched countless child-stars and over-the-hill icons get dressed up in head-to-toe feathered-spandex suits and pathetically parade around to a repertoire of wedding reception classic ditties. I even gasped along with America as Marie Osmond passed out post-samba (I'm guessing Tom Bergeron's cologne might have had something to do with it). But I never quite understood why this show had such a lasting hold on TV viewers. As a devote Lost and The Office fan, I simply wanted more.

And then, I got more.

On Saturday Oct 4th, the Rep held their annual Gala at the Hyatt Hotel. We raised money for our internship program, honored Rep donor and all-around stud Matthew Clapp, and had a few carnies creeping around on stilts. All around a pretty fun night. But once that 80s band started firing up Don't You Forget About Me and Take on Me, all bets were off. The room exploded into a frenzy of peacock feathers and people dancing off the walls. As I whirled and twirled my black jersey baby doll dress I almost lost my footing as I spun around to find none other than Bill Irwin, with a hoard of female interns circling him, jiving up a storm. He was dipping low and jumping high. We made a dance line and he sashayed right down it without missing a beat. He had the biggest grin stretched across his baby face and was quickly turning into the life of the party. I got to dance with my very own star. Jealous much?

I also know for a fact that he got a kick out of it. He was in contact with Sarah Petty, our Assistant Company Manager, and this is what she had to report:

"Bill Irwin mentioned to me that he had a great time with the interns at the Gala. Not only did he express his fondness over the phone, saying they were such a delight, especially with all of the "Gala hub bub," he appreciated being able to relax with them. He also wrote on a little note 'Tell the interns that Beattle songs and Dance lines are a must for their tenure here.'"


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