Rehearsal: An Actor's Blog, Day 5

A daily rehearsal blog from actor Paul Stetler, playing Edgar in The Lady from Dubuque.

Our power is back on, thank God. Crazy couple of days.

Today we worked on the scene between Sam and Edgar, which was a lot of fun. I’ve never worked with Charlie Matthes before (actually, I’ve never worked with any of these actors – though I’ve seen both Hans and Kristin on numerous occasions and have always admired their work), and I enjoyed his enthusiasm and willingness to explore. He’s also very well-prepared as he is already off-book for most of his scenes.

David let us sort of “rough block” the scene on our own then he would make suggestions and adjustments as he felt needed. In this scene, my character, Edgar, expresses a moment of intense frustration towards Sam based on how he and Jo have mistreated Edgar’s wife Lucinda. Through all this, Sam is dealing with the fact that his wife is in the final stages of terminal cancer and so he has a great deal on his mind. It makes for a very interesting dynamic between the characters, and we tried it a few different ways before deciding on something we all agreed was in the right direction. After we finished, I was released, and Charlie and Carla worked with David on their scene that closes the act.


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