The Start of Something Beautiful

From Joanna Horowitz, Communications Department

There's no better way to start than by just, well, starting, so here we are. And since we're hopefully going to have a long and fruitful relationship (replete, I hope, with expensive gifts and moonlit serenades), I might as well provide some choice facts to convince you I'm worthy of your eyeballs.

I'm Joanna, your go-to girl for all things behind-the-scenes. I'm the Communications Associate here at the Rep, so I am clearly well trained in the art of...communication. I used to be a reporter for the Seattle Times, and I say this to assure you that all posts will be fair and balanced (that's probably a lie, but they will at least be truthful and maybe even entertaining).

I will be blogging from inside the rehearsal room as we launch into the second half of our season (tomorrow starts rehearsals for Edward Albee's The Lady From Dubuque). I will also be blogging from right here at my desk, giving you insider info on what's going on at the Rep (i.e. funny things I've overheard in the hall, news about job openings, plans for next season, what I had for lunch--today, turkey sandwich). Finally, I'll be posting and responding to local, national, even international arts news.

Since you might get sick of me (how that would be possible, I don't know), there will some guest bloggers joining us: actors, directors, etc. I'm hoping you'll comment on anything you find interesting or send in requests for the type of info you'd like to see on the blog.

So, I'm raising this empty cup sitting by my keyboard (previously filled with rum-spiked eggnog, which we had on Friday during our SRO luncheon) to toast our new life together. Onward!

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