Rehearsal: An Actor's Blog, Day 7

A daily rehearsal blog from actor Paul Stetler, playing Edgar in The Lady from Dubuque.

Well, it’s been awhile, and I’m sorry for the delay between posts. I had family in town for the holidays and the time just sort of slipped by. I hope all who are reading this had an enjoyable holiday.

Rehearsals are going well. It’s slow going, but we’ve roughly blocked the whole show and will spend the next two weeks trying to fill in the gaps and flesh things out. This play really is quite unsettling, I must say. I’m so curious as to how people will respond to it. Personally, I love how disturbing it gets (which should come as no surprise -- this is the man who brought us “The Goat”, after all) but ultimately find the story to be deeply moving. We blocked the scene in the second act where we knock Sam out, tie him up, and then proceed to make coffee and act as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened. It’s a truly bizarre and surreal moment but something about it gets to the heart of how we as a society can perform horrendous deeds and then act as if everything is just fine.

Anyway, we were given three days off for the Christmas holiday and are back in the saddle tomorrow. Looking forward to getting back to work.


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