20 Buck Chuck


If you can't read the fine print, starting tomorrow you can buy $20 tickets to any performance in any seat for the extension week of Twelfe Night, in honor of Live Theatre Week. Go to www.seattlerep.org or call the box office at 206-443-2222 for tickets.

Not that I should have to sell you on cheap tickets, but this show is awesome. Shameless lack of modesty:

The critics say:

"Where they strut and gambol, one is happy to follow… David Esbjornson gives this many-faceted comedy a postmodern look, a fine verbal cogency and rigor. " Seattle Times

"...hilarity dances across the stage...fantastic performances." BroadwayHour.com

The audience says:

"It was fantastic... Loved this version of it."

"Magnificent, you must see it."

"The funniest Shakespeare play we've ever seen."

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