Murdering, Cooking, Blue Hats

From Joanna Horowitz, Communications Associate

This is going to have to be fast because it is crazy in my world. So, in brief:

Murderers is awesome and tickets are going faster than a downhill golf cart (what? is that cheesy?). It plays until Nov. 4, so get on it. In two seconds I am going to post a video spoofing Sarah Rudinoff's character Minka Lupino, a murdering condo saleswoman.

Had a meet and greet for Birdie Blue today and met the director, Chuck Smith who's in residency here but lives in Chicago and works at the renouned Goodman Theatre. In addition to hearing the design concept (a set that will really play up on the imagination-sparking elements of the play and awesome costumes that will ground things in reality), we also got introduced to Chuck's blue fisherman's cap, which he wears when he's working. "If you see me without this hat," he said, "I'm not working."

It's going to start smelling really good around here because we're about to go into previews for The Cook which features, among other things, some delicious Cuban food prepared on stage. Word on the street is you might smell garlic chicken and a lot of citrus wafting from the stage. Personally, I am going to hit up Paseo in Fremont before seeing the show to avoid awkward stomach grumbling.

OK, must go. Be back in a second with that video.

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