Betrayal cast announced

From Joanna, Communications Manager

Just got the latest casting news.

Betrayal (by Harold Pinter, under the direction of Braden Abraham) will feature Cheyenne Casebier (Emma), Alex Podulke (Robert), David Christopher Wells (Jerry) and the lovely local actor John Farrage (Waiter). You might have seen Cheyenne wielding a sword (and other weapons) as Milady in The Three Musketeers (right). I don't have pictures of the other actors, but Braden has been telling me all along that the cast will be "young and sexy." Hot!

Betrayal, if you don't know the play, is a twist on a love triangle. Emma is sleeping with her husband's best friend, but the play is played out in reverse, from the end of the affair to the beginning.

The show opens February 19.

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Anonymous said...

Well, you can rest assured that the man playing Jerry is absolutely quite sexy.