From the Rehearsal Room: An octopus + hilarity

From Hillary, boom Assistant to the Director/Casting Intern

Fresh off of The Three Musketeers, I’m now in rehearsal for boom. Halfway through our second week of rehearsal, I feel ready to give you a glimpse into our world.

Our world is bigger than the theatre. To get a taste of the marine biology that plays such an important role in the play, we took a trip to the Seattle Aquarium where we bonded with Roberta (our tour guide) and Emrich (a Great Pacific Octopus). Roberta even gave us a “backstage” tour of the labs in the aquarium’s basement.

Our world is a hysterically funny one. As we work our way through the show, our actors sometimes have to take a moment to laugh and enjoy each other’s performances before getting back into character and continuing.

Our world is an extremely collaborative one. I’m in daily contact with the playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, who is sending us re-writes and thoughts as we share with him our questions and discoveries from rehearsal. Our fearless leader (i.e. director) Jerry Manning encourages everyone in the room to contribute—each actor, each designer, our stage managers, and even me!

From where I’m sitting right now, the view is looking good. I’ll be back with more updates soon.

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