Post-election: Is the apocalypse still relevant?

From Joanna, Communications Manager

The Seattle Weekly just ran this preview of boom, talking with playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb and director Jerry Manning about whether or not audiences want to think about the end of the world now that things are starting to look up (thank you, Obama). I think: yes. This play deals with environmental apocalypse. While we hope President Obama will turn things around on a global warming front, it's still an issue. But more than that, boom is a comedy with a surprisingly optimistic ending and a healthy dose of sex. It's not like the end of the world is a total downer.

A quote from Jerry in the article: "This script avoids what a lot of plays about 'people in the bunker' fall into," says boom's director Jerry Manning, who's a fan of end-of-the-world stories—like that great old Twilight Zone episode with Burgess Meredith in which a meek reader who survives a nuclear war finally gets time for all of his favorite books. "Usually, you can't really sustain suspense with that scenario, and Peter did. There's not a butt-numbing moment in it."

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