The Emerging Critics Get Real

From Kiki, Audience Development Intern

Emerging Critics is an innovative education program that allows high school students to connect with theatre through critical writing. And eat a lot of Pagliacci Pizza. The program features a writing workshop staring local critic celebrities and then the students attend a matinee performance of one of our Bagley shows. Here are what the students had to say about The Road to Mecca:

"The glittering sets, subtle lighting shifts and audience-beguiling acting blended in harmony to the final standing ovation. Anyone who cares about the pursuit of creativity and the well-being of both old and young will enjoy this outstanding play." -Riley Peter-Contesse

"When you hear of the pain and suffering [Miss Helen] has endured, you begin to empathize. Moreover, when she is describing her lovely Mecca, you get a nice warm feeling. Sort of like going to your happy place." -ReeceAnn Buendia

"To appreciate the history and eloquence of The Road to Mecca entails an acquired taste belonging to those who value the performance of intimate conflict." -Amir Shabaneh

"I found the acting performance by Dee Maaske as Miss Helen very good. She impressivley kept character throughtout the performance...and I found [her] to be the highlight of the show." -Austin Hebert

"The message of elderly Helen [comes through] strongly with an excellent performance by Maaske, as the walls around her glitter and shine as bright as the outcast widow does." -Joe Johnson

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