In the trenches

From Joanna, Communications Manager

A few notes from the trenches:

Betrayal opening night is tonight. The play spans 9 years in 75 minutes. Our costume crews are busy, busy backstage with all the fabulous 1960s and 70s costume quick changes.

The Seafarer starts in previews tomorrow. There are a lot of bad Irish accents happening (in the marketing department, that is...the ones on stage are impeccable and you can read an interview with dialect coach Deb Hecht here). The other day we were trying to remember how those old Irish Spring soap commercials went. If only I had had a video camera on our Assistant IT Director Heather while she was whistling.

The two-story Seafarer set is amazing. We're in the process of recording a time lapse video of the building of it...on the way soon.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting play!

Anonymous said...

Oddly uplifting. Amazing set.