Interning...on Betrayal

From Becca, Literary Intern

It’s opening night for Betrayal, the third and final show that I get to work on this season. Here are some highlights from my experience on the show:

-One of the scenes takes place in a restaurant. During down time, the actors practiced their napkin-folding skills and created the always entertaining “napkin chicken.” It’s really amazing the kinds of things actors know how to do to keep things interesting.

-There are projections in the show of one of the actors playfully lifting a little girl in the air. The day we filmed, our young star (I think she was 3) got camera shy. It took about an hour of coaxing and the promise of hot chocolate to get the footage we needed. It of course looks wonderful on stage.

-The amount of liquid that the actors have to consume on stage is astonishing. I think one of them has to drink 2 beers, 4 scotches, and about a bottle of wine during the show. Of course it is all just really colored water (except for the beer which is O’Doul’s) but it’s amazing how much they have to drink. At least they are more hydrated than they have ever been in their lives.

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