I'm OK with bragging

The press says:

"The Cook is a genius at work: Zabryna Guevara is magic at The Rep"
—Seattle P-I

"The Rep's near-flawless production...favors (Eduardo) Machado's abundant humanism and humor" —Seattle Times

"A touching and heartbreaking tale...Eduardo Machado's beautiful script is powerful and pithy, and captures the soul of Cuba." —BroadwayHour.com

The audience says:

"Ms. Guevara's portrayal was perfect. I loved her grace and emotion and strength."

"A must see! The Cook seduces you with its music, language and smells...DELICIOUS!"

"It was captivating. I love history and enjoyed seeing it come alive."

"My wife and I were riveted. Best show of the season."

Tickets are going like hot cakes (yum, hot cakes). Buy them here.

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