Feeling Blue

If you can't tell, I'm spending a good amount of time behind the camera lately. So, my last duty before heading off to three days of cooking, eating and eating some more, is sharing with you our latest behind-the-scenes video feature.

Check out One Minute With...Chuck Smith, director of Birdie Blue. I haven't seen the show yet because last night, while everyone else was watching the opening performance, I was in the kitchen swirling up gallons of the specialty cocktail, Sock It To Me Cider. The cider was great, so I think it was worth the price.

I can say the general feeling after the show was: "Wow." Great, acting and a really touching, heart-wrenching story. We survey our preview audiences, and one person said, "You must see this play. The actors are unforgettable in their roles. The story is touching and rings true. This play would touch anyone's heart and change their view of contemporary life."

So there you have it.

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