Carrie Fisher Likes Shiny Things

From Kate, Technical Production Intern

Things have definitely slowed down here in production. Betrayal and The Seafarer are up and running and the next two shows are not technically intense; seeing as Wishful Drinking is coming on a truck and Breakin’ Hearts and Takin’ Names does not seem to have a very large set. Although today, I got to make a quick model of the Carrie Fisher set, so that we have something to look at instead of drawings.

I've also been making some artwork from the walls of The Road to Mecca set. The walls were covered in glitter, and apparently someone got word that Carrie Fisher loves shiny things, so we made parts of the walls into artwork for her dressing room. Random, I know.


Lynn said...

Please tell Ms. Fisher that she deserves a better wardrobe than she had on Sat. 4/4/09. She is so savvy and sophisticated - her clothes should reflect that. That black clingy top and the leggings did NOT flatter her figure. I loved the show and want her to succeed!

Anonymous said...

That's funny! Clothes do NOT make the woman. In my opinion, what she was wearing did not detract in the least from the wonderfully engaging show she put on. She seemed like she was invitng us into her living room, I am a man and I loved her!