Highway Glamour Shots

From Kiki, Audience Development Intern

When someone offers me a smoothie, I always say yes. Mama didn't raise no fool. Little did I know that I'd be hiking up a mountain afterwards.

The Rep's Communication department went on a little outing while our Director was away for the day (jealous much?). We boosted up on intense-power-enhancing-mega-AWESOME-rocket-fuel energy smoothies with B 12 and made our way down the Galer St stairs to behold our beautiful billboard on Aurora. Then, like the nerds we are, we took pictures to document our efforts. Look at those excited faces! They weren't excited for long...

Once we were done geeking out we proceeded to climb back up the 700 some stairs, some of us in heels and others of us in need of an oxygen tank. It's fine. Looks like we're improving our department's odds of winning the coveted "I Hate to See You Leave, But I Love to Watch You Go" Reppie Award.

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