Kevin and Simone on the radio

From Joanna, Communications Manager

Yesterday I got to take Kevin Kling and Simone Perrin to KUOW for an interview about Breakin' Hearts and Takin' Names. OK, they are probably the nicest two people you'll ever meet. Is it the Minnesota in them? I love it when you fall in love with performers on stage and then they're just genuinely awesome in real life.

At the risk of sounding totally Tiger Beat, I learned: Simone shops at H&M, they both like shrimp phad thai, and Kevin's a runner.

More importantly, while they were on the radio, I got to hear some amazing stories about what it was like for Kevin while he was in a coma (he dreamt he was in Italy having his face rebuilt by calcium deposits) and some fantastic new original songs that are in the show, based on poems by Kevin and then put to accordion music by Simone.

They also talked more about the show, which is, Kevin said, about "the flight away from trauma." Whereas their play last season How? How? WHy? Why? Why? dealt with the aftermath of Kevin's motorcycle accident, Breakin' Hearts is about healing, of all kinds. "Trauma is trauma whatever is is: the loss of a limb or a heart or a promise or a person," Kevin said.

Listen to the entire interview/performance on KUOW here:

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